About Us

Marita Tours & Travel

We are a tour company devoted to making your trip a memorable experience. Our fourteen (14) years of tourism experience is one of the reasons you should have confidence in a tour company that understands all corners of Uganda and East Africa. We are a tour operator company based in Uganda. Our aim is to offer you an ultimate memorable experience. Our goal is to make you absolutely happy. We promise a great Uganda experience!

Our goal is to make you absolutely happy. We promise a great experience of Uganda safari and mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Our Mission

Marita Travel & Tours was established with a mission to promote nature friendly wildlife and Mountain Gorilla safaris and holidays in Uganda

Our Vision

Our goal is to make you absolutely happy. We promise a great experience of Uganda safari and mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Our Team

Neust Aheisibwe

Tour Director

A graduate of BSC. Accounting and Finance, an experienced tours manager, she is a lover of wildlife and culture and has a strong passion to support those in need. She is the proprietor of Marita Travel and Tours Ltd and the brain behind Marita Foundation.

Abdul Mbazira

Senior Tourist Guide

With Over 16 years guiding experience in East Africa, he has wide knowledge of animals, birds, plants and different cultures of all East African Tribes

Emma Kajungu

Senior Tourist Guide

Born in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Community, his passion for Tourism is incomparable. He is an experienced guide a job he has done since his teenage years

Giving Back

Part of the proceeds from Marita Tours go in support of rural communities through Marita Foundation which is a Uganda registered NGO that was established to empower Uganda rural communities about preventive public health and to empower the rural women economically by supporting rural women groups with income generating projects (MARITA FOUNDATION SHOULD BE A CLICKABLE LINK TO maritafoundation.org)  

How we work

We work with local communities in developing itineraries and routes, in choosing informed site guides and in educating our tourists about local conditions and customs.

Being a supporter of sustainable tourism, we give back to the community, by supporting the activities of Marita Foundation which is a community founded organization (NGO) in order to improve the livelihood of the communities together.

 Marita Travel and Tours offers tourists the willing opportunity to visit the several projects and combine it with a safari to national parks. In addition, our company staff is closely involved in the management of community projects initiated by Marita Foundation

Read more about community tourism www.maritafoundation.org

How we work

Our main emphasis is care. With love and care comes responsibility. We, like so many of our caring tourists are dedicated to living up to our responsibilities to the place that we have touched, inspired and given us so much joy.

With a firm commitment to quality, reliability and value, we ensure that our guests travel with complete peace of mind. Our product range features distinctive itineraries; all designed to bring a destination alive and make your safari unforgettable!

Marita Travel & Tours looks after every detail so our guests can enjoy a hassle –free vacation/holiday. We believe we have found the perfect balance between organized wild life viewing, site seeing and free time for exploring and relaxing –leaving you to just go with Marita Travel & Tours…..